Strong cyber defences

Strong cyber defences

Cyber Security Cyber Security Strategy
Monday, 16 January 2017

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

The Strategy also brings into focus Australia’s defensive and offensive cyber capabilities – in government and the private sector – to deter and respond to cyber-attacks.

The business sector took a significant step forward last year with the launch of the ASX 100 Cyber Health Check program. Cyber ‘health checks’ allow ASX 100 companies to benchmark their cyber security and encourage Board members to evaluate the security of their online systems.

The first of a series of workshops was held in November, bringing together experts across business and government to design voluntary cyber security guidelines. These guidelines will identify good practice for companies, helping businesses to understand at a practical level what they need to think about and to do to make their business secure.

And as most Australians know, we also looked inward at our cyber awareness and capability, with the Cyber Security Special Adviser’s Review on the 2016 eCensus recommending accelerating cyber security capacity in Government.

The eCensus incident was not an issue of national security, but one of confidence by the Australian people in the capacity of their government to deliver online services. As trust and confidence of the Australian public in government is paramount, so too is that of the small and large enterprises that drive Australia’s economy and our national security.

In November, the Prime Minister delivered an address to Parliament on counter-terrorism, highlighting the importance of offensive cyber capabilities in the fight against Daesh.