BETA Podcast: Interview with Elizabeth Hardy

BETA Podcast: Interview with Elizabeth Hardy

Domestic Policy Behavioural Economics
Thursday, 20 June 2019

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

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How do we improve public services? Elizabeth Hardy has been working for many years on ways to improve the lives of Canadians, and shares her ideas on BETA’s latest podcast.

Elizabeth is a Senior Lead in the Canadian Government’s Impact and Innovation Unit, which oversees the application of behavioural science and design to public policy.

She has helped to increase the number of women entering the armed forces, encouraged more Canadians to give to charity, and increased rates of organ donation.

But to do that she’s put herself in the shoes of people using these services to understand what works and what doesn’t.

She’s recruited herself into the army, signed up to be an organ donor and stood in lines waiting to speak to a service desk.

And she’s passionate about this ‘autoethnographic’ approach to service design—in order to best understand the barriers to better service delivery.

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