Community Led Grants application process is changing

Community Led Grants application process is changing

Indigenous Affairs Grants and Funding Community Led Grants
Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

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Image source: Wayne Quilliam

As of 1 December 2018, the Community Led application process is changing.

The Community Led Grants Application Form will only be available to applicants following consultation with a PM&C Regional Network Office.

The first step for potential applicants is to engage with the local PM&C Regional Network Office, to outline the proposal.

It is mandatory to submit an Initial Proposal Form. Applicants may wish to complete an Initial Proposal Form to help discussions before meeting with the local Regional Network Office, or complete one during or following discussions. The PM&C Regional Network Offices are able to assist in completing the Initial Proposal Form, if required.

Submitting an initial proposal allows the Department to support applicants to develop projects that align with priority areas of need for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities that deliver long-term and sustainable outcomes. It also gives potential applicants the opportunity to receive feedback on their proposal before deciding whether to prepare and submit an application for funding. 

If you have already commenced work on a Community Led application and have not yet submitted an Initial Proposal Form or engaged with the local PM&C Regional Network Office, we strongly encourage you to contact the local PM&C Regional Network Office to discuss your application before submitting it to the Department.