From electrician to business owner: the IPP inspires new Indigenous-owned businesses

From electrician to business owner: the IPP inspires new Indigenous-owned businesses

Indigenous Affairs Economic Development
Thursday, 18 October 2018

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Djali Bloomfield stands in front of a banner for his business, Arrow Facilities management. He is smiling.

Djali Bloomfield was working as an electrician in Canberra when he and his cousin hatched a business idea. Inspired by the opportunities available under the Indigenous Procurement Policy, Djali started his business, Arrow Facilities Management. He now provides facilities management services, including to government agencies across Canberra.

‘The government getting involved in the Indigenous Business Sector is obviously huge for all Indigenous Australians, especially people with businesses,’ says Djali, reflecting on the opportunities that he has been able to create due to the policy settings created by the Australian Government.

The flow-on effects of business ownership are another reason Djali is passionate about business ownership. ‘It’s a proven fact that Indigenous businesses employ more Indigenous people…which is obviously great for our people,’ says Djali. ‘It’s helping communities, it’s helping kids come through schools, and giving the opportunity for families to really move to bigger and better things, and hopefully we’re helping our own people achieve that.’

The Australian Government’s Indigenous Business Sector Strategy is designed to support the growth of Indigenous businesses across Australia. One aim of the policy is to increase supply of Indigenous-owned businesses to respond to demand created by the Indigenous Procurement Policy. Businesses like Djali’s demonstrate that these policies are working, creating opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their families and their communities.