Indigenous Business Sector Strategy aims to drive prosperity

Indigenous Business Sector Strategy aims to drive prosperity

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

The Indigenous Business Sector Strategy

Susan Murphy has spent her life working to support the wellbeing of Indigenous Australians, with experience across areas including housing, justice and health policy. In her current role as the CEO of Winun Ngari Aboriginal Corporation, her focus is Indigenous employment and business development in Derby and the West Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Susan has seen the benefits of employment and business ownership for Indigenous people living in WA and is a supporter of the Australian Government’s Indigenous Business Sector Strategy.

In a nod to her background in community development, Susan gets right to the point when asked about the benefits of supporting the Indigenous business sector.

‘Not all Aboriginal people have that pleasure of even having a dollar to buy a meal. And yet, we have a lot of Indigenous people that own their own businesses that give back to the community. They are the ones that are helping us grow Aboriginal economic development but also helping us grow our communities to thrive.’

For Susan, supporting the Indigenous business sector is all about increasing opportunities for Indigenous Australians, whether this means getting a job, starting a new venture or expanding an existing business. Opportunities like these give people freedom to support themselves and their families. As Susan says, ‘the benefits for Indigenous-owned businesses are that you actually have control.’

Susan Murphy cites the Maori business sector in New Zealand as an example of how transformative Indigenous business sector growth could be for the Australian economy.

‘We have so much that we can learn from the Maori people. The Maori people in New Zealand actually have an economy worth $50 billion. If they can do that, our Indigenous people have the opportunity to do the same.’

And Susan’s vision for the Indigenous business sector goes beyond Australia to global markets and supply chains.

‘It’s not just about delivering a service in Australia, it’s about delivering a service and a product across the world.’

It’s this type of growth that the Indigenous Business Sector Strategy aims to develop, supporting prosperity here in Australia whilst bringing the unique goods and services sold by Indigenous businesses to the world.

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