Senior Executive Service (SES)

SES Officers at PM&C are responsible for contributing to the leadership of the department through active involvement in executive decision-making, representational activities and working collaboratively to provide strategic leadership and drive a culture of high performance.

As an SES Officer in PM&C, you will contribute to strengthening the department as a modern, responsive and fit-for-purpose organisation that provides exceptional service to the Government and the Australian people.

In a rapidly changing environment, continuing to deliver on this mission requires ongoing transformation. To keep pace in our changing world, we need to transform the way we work. We need to work smarter and rally the right people who bring their curiosity and expertise to bear in finding opportunities to better serve the interests of all Australians. To meet this challenge, two years ago we began a transformation journey. We established an agenda to support PM&C becoming a knowledge organisation; technologically adept; flexible and collaborative; and inclusive and diverse – the four pillars of transformation.

The transformation agenda, and these four pillars, provide a frame of reference for everything we do. Continued investment in our people and capability will be fundamental to the success of our transformation agenda. This means making sure our people have the right skills and mindset to thrive in our new environment. Supporting this new way of working means getting the basics right, from embedding a strong protective security culture to improving our enabling services.

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