What we offer

How we work at PM&C

In our National Offices at PM&C we have transformed the workplace from a traditional, assigned and anchored working environment to a flexible space that has been purpose designed to accommodate a range of working styles. Staff at PM&C now have the flexibility to be able to choose where and how to work (activity-based) in an open work space while using integrated technological solutions that support working styles.  All staff are issued with top quality, modern, mobile technology and tools to enable staff to work anywhere at any time.

At PM&C we work with a focus on flexibility, connectivity and equilibrium with the aim to increase communication and collaboration and encourage agility and innovation.

PM&C also offers flexible working arrangements in line with the PM&C Enterprise Agreement (PM&C EA). These arrangements include compressed hours, working from home, part-time, and job sharing arrangements to enable our staff to balance their work life balance.

Benefits & Conditions

In addition to our rewarding work, PM&C provides a range of benefits and conditions which include:

  • Competitive salary – salary tables are located in the current PM&C Enterprise Agreement.
  • Superannuation – staff receive a generous 15.4% employer superannuation contribution.
  • Flexible work arrangements - we support our employees’ desire to balance their career, providing them with an excellent work environment and flexible work conditions.
  • Attractive leave provisions - employees (full-time) will accrue 20 days of paid annual leave for each year worked at PM&C, annual leave accrues daily and counts as service for all purposes. Leave provisions are applied on a pro-rata basis for part-time employees.
  • Allowances – higher duties, travel assistance, retirement financial assistance, restriction allowance, language proficiency, motor vehicle and corporate responsibility allowance (i.e. for First Aid Officers, Fire Wardens and Harassment Contact Officer).
  • Study assistance – PM&C provides assistance for employees to undertake study that will contribute to the improvement of their professional skills and knowledge relevant to the Department's business.
  • Professional development – we focus on growing your capability with leadership programs, coaching and mentoring, study assistance, professional skills training and seminars.

For further details about PM&C conditions, please refer to the PM&C Enterprise Agreement.


We are committed to providing a supportive and safe work environment. We continually strive to improve our employees’ physical, mental and social wellbeing. Our wellbeing programs include:

  • Health and Wellbeing programs – staff have access to discounted health insurance, health offers and gym memberships.
  • Best You – professional, confidential coaching and support provided by Benestar (our Employee Assistance Program provider). These services are free for staff and their immediate family members.

We are committed to providing a flexible, accessible and inclusive work environment. We are able to facilitate ongoing support if you require any reasonable work adjustments to eliminate or reduce barriers so you can perform the key requirements of the job.