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Candidates will be nominated through their agency's Data Champion representative (the list of Data Champions can be found on For candidates in agencies without Data Champions, candidates should seek the support of a Senior Executive.

Agencies are responsible for their internal nomination processes, however, candidates should ensure they have the support of their supervisor, and are available to be taken offline to begin their placement within 3 months following the date of close of applications.

Candidates will complete application forms and submit their applications online or to the Data Champions Secretariat at

The next round of applications will open on 22 May 2017 and will close at 5pm (AEST) on 7 July 2017.

Due to the competitive nature of this programme, late applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Selection process

There will be two rounds of applications each year, and a total of five candidates per round of applications will be selected to become Data Fellows.

A selection committee will be established, comprising of:

  • Data61 representatives,
  • the Co-Chairs of the Deputy Secretaries Data Group, and
  • the Chair of the Data Champions Network.

The selection committee will be supported by the Data Champions Secretariat.

Once candidates have submitted their applications, the selection committee will evaluate applications based on the following selection criteria.

  • The scope and quality of the candidate’s data-related problem or opportunity
  • Feasibility of finding a solution to the candidate’s problem or opportunity within the three month placement
  • Potential benefit to the home agency
  • Potential benefit to other Commonwealth agencies
  • Potential benefit to State and Territory and/or Local Governments
  • Relevant skills and experience required to solve the problem within the three month period
  • Potential scalability of the solution
  • Potential to accelerate the candidate’s data capabilities and personal development
  • Potential to disseminate the skills and capabilities gained back into their home agency

The selection committee will identify and select a shortlist of candidates for each round of applications. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a short interview (e.g., via webcam or telephone) to discuss the suitability of the candidate and the feasibility of their proposed data-related problem or opportunity.

The selection committee will then select five candidates as Data Fellows for each round of applications.

Candidates will be informed of the result of their application via email. Unsuccessful shortlisted candidates can elect to have their applications automatically included for consideration in the following round’s application process.


Successful candidates will be contacted by Data61 representatives and commence scoping the details of their placement, including work plans, deliverables, start dates, locations and potential partner organisations.

Once Data Fellows commence their placement, either Data61 or the partner organisation will provide mentoring, support and office space for the Data Fellow to work on their identified data-related problem or opportunity.

Data61 will provide reimbursement of Data Fellows’ travel and accommodation costs.

Data Fellows will be expected to complete an evaluation form at the end of their placement.


Once Data Fellows complete their three month placement, they will return to their home agency, and will be expected to help promote and drive data skills and capability within their organisation, with the support of their Data Champion or sponsoring Senior Executive.

Data Fellows will attend an achievement ceremony with the Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Achievement ceremonies will be held once a year.

Data Fellows will become part of the alumni cohort to support following rounds’ Data Fellows and continue to share their data knowledge and expertise.

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