At PM&C, we work on the implementation and ongoing delivery of key government programmes, policies and initiatives. Our role is critical to government—we provide advice and guidance about the operations of Cabinet and the Federal Executive including the Cabinet Handbook, the Legislation Handbook, and the Federal Executive Council Handbook.

We provide information around parliamentary entitlements and the current parliament. PM&C is responsible for advising the government of the day on all aspects of the administration of executive government, and for providing guidance on caretaker conventions during election periods.

We advise other Australian Government agencies on many aspects of public administration, support and establish incoming governments and coordinate the government legislation programme. We offer guidance on critical parliamentary information and entitlements.

We support public ceremonies, official visits by heads of state, national honours and awards, government residences, and a range of other issues. We advise on the correct use of the Australian Coat of Arms and the Australian flag. The department’s Honours, Symbols and Territories Branch provides policy advice on the operation of Australia’s official honours system which includes medals and awards such as the Order of Australia, Australian Bravery Decorations, and the National Medal.

Our work involves supporting the Prime Minister at events such as state occasions and the visits of Heads of State and other dignitaries from the international community.

Our official establishments—The Lodge and Kirribilli House—are available for the use of the Prime Minister and are used charities for special events.

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