Data Integration Partnership for Australia

The Data Integration Partnership for Australia (DIPA) is a three-year $130.8 million investment to maximise the use and value of the Government’s data assets starting 1 July 2017. DIPA creates new insights into important and complex policy questions through data integration and analysis.

DIPA is a whole-of-government collaboration of over 20 Commonwealth agencies, and is improving technical data infrastructure and data integration capabilities across the Australian Public Service. Important data assets such as in the health, education and social welfare sectors are being improved, allowing policy makers to gain insights that were not possible before.

Individual privacy and the security of sensitive data is preserved, as DIPA only provides access to controlled, de-identified, and confidentialised data for policy analysis and research purposes. DIPA is governed by agencies’ processes and legislation, including the Privacy Act 1988.

Data Integration Partnership for Australia Overview


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