Remembering the ANZACs: the Prime Minister and war correspondent

Remembering the ANZACs: the Prime Minister and war correspondent

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

There are 3 separate black and white photographs of the Charles Bean. The images are vertical portraits: 1. Charles is standing on a pyramid, 2. standing in front of a tent, 3. riding a pony.

It was 17 May, 1915, when the first report of the Anzac landing was made public by then Prime Minister Andrew Fisher.

Our young nation was learning the fate of its armed forces on the beaches of Gallipoli, Turkey, approximately 3 weeks after the landing occurred.

The account of the fighting came from Australia’s official World War I correspondent, Charles Bean.

The Australian Journalists Association had elected Bean for the task of official war correspondent for the nation.

He went on to write the Official History of Australia in The War of 1914 – 18.

A full set of the multi-volumed tome are held in the library of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

The dispatch from Mr Fisher begun thus:

Prime Minister's Department, Melbourne, 17th May, 1915.

The following report, which has been received from the official press representative with the Australian Expeditionary Force in connexion with the landing of the troops on the Gallipoli Peninsula, is published for general information.

Prime Minister.

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No.39. Monday 17th May 1915

For Charles Bean's full correspondence visit the Anzac section on the Department of Veteran's Affairs website.