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Graduate Program 2021

Discover, grow, learn - challenge yourself


Who is PM&C?

At the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) we strive to be bold, be excellent and drive change. We provide fresh thinking and sound advice to government.

Our mission is to improve the lives of all Australians by delivering high-quality and timely support to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, and our portfolio ministers. Our expertise spans many policy areas, with special focus on social and women’s policy, economic and international policy, defence, intelligence and national security.

Profile photo of Evelyn Lazannas

'National Security policy is a major government priority and its mind-blowing to feel like I’ve have worked on the policy frontline in my first 6 months at PM&C'

- Evelyn

What work will you do?

Working in PM&C will give you the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of the Government's priorities. We believe our greatest asset is our staff. We value people with ideas, the ability to present them persuasively, and the drive and skill to see them adopted.

As a Graduate at PM&C you will have the opportunity to rotate through our areas of focus:

  • Domestic Policy; creating and coordinate policy solutions to Australia’s key economic, social and environmental issues

  • Government; encouraging consistency across government and coordinate public ceremonies and national honours

  • International Policy; contributing to discussions on overseas trade, foreign aid and development, and international security

  • National Security; providing advice on initiatives for border protection, defence, counter-terrorism and crisis management

  • Office for Women; working across government to deliver policies and programs to advance gender equality and improve the lives of Australian Women

  • Regulation; essential for the proper functioning of society and the economy which includes any laws or other government endorsed ‘rules’ where there is an expectation of compliance

  • Public Data; improving the way public data is managed, shared and published for the benefit of everyone in Australia

As part of PM&C, you will receive professional development to build and harness your role at the centre of government to promote the wellbeing of Australians.


Professional development

All PM&C graduates will have the opportunity to undertake foundational professional development. This includes skills such as intensive writing, resilience, economics for non-economists and problem-solving.

To provide you the tools to navigate your rotations across the Department or within your Stream, you will have access to business fairs, panel discussions and networking opportunities. In addition, you will be able to access development offerings focused on building your personal brand and how to pitch for projects or jobs you would like to undertake. We want you to finish our program with skills that equip you to navigate the rest of your career.

As part of the Generalist Stream, you will be able to opt into a suite of available development offerings from our panel of specialists. In the Corporate and Government Stream, you will have access to offerings relevant to your vocation and guided by your business area.

Fostering the approach of transformation, your Graduate Program will be what you make of it – as you engage in a range of development opportunities and challenges to test yourself and grow your capabilities.

Profile photo of Nicholas Krempff

'The Graduate Program offers a really expansive learning and development program that ensures that I will be equipped for success throughout my APS career.'

- Nicholas

What we offer

Our graduates start as full-time, permanent employees at the APS 3 level. After 6 months you may be eligible to advance to the APS 4 level, and on successful completion of the Program, you will be assessed for advancement to the APS 5/6 level.

Entitlement Remuneration
APS level APS Level 3
Pay $62,967
Annual leave 20 days
Personal leave (such as sick leave) 18 days
Superannuation 15.4%
Working hours 38 hours per week

Read our Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020 for more details on our pay and conditions. The Department also offers relocation assistance to successful candidates.

Profile photo of Shilo

I certainly didn’t arrive at PM&C by what some might consider to be the ‘conventional’ route, fresh out of university. I worked for 10 years as a chemistry teacher, before leaving the classroom to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering. Learning has always been a big part of my life, and completing a PhD had always been a long term goal which I’m proud to have seen through.

Read Shilo's full story

Following the completion of my PhD I worked in a post-doctoral position at the University of Queensland, before my thirst for learning new skills and forging new networks sparked my interest in applying for the PM&C Graduate Program. Working in a central agency like PM&C really appealed to me, and I liked to idea of understanding complex policy decisions, collaborating with talented individuals across government, and providing high level advice to the Prime Minister.

Some people might perceive entering a graduate program as a mature age participant to be a ‘step-down’, but that’s absolutely not the case. PM&C has a fairly flat working structure, and I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with senior advisers and senior executives who frequently get to see my work and contributions directly. I feel trusted by my colleagues, and I think that my experience in previous workplaces has meant that I’ve been given opportunities to lead on projects that those starting a new career might not have experienced right away.

That said, undertaking the program as a mature age graduate hasn’t been without its challenges. Moving interstate required a lot of effort, particularly given that I have school-aged children. There’s a significant cost, not just monetary, but I’m lucky to have a very supportive partner. We have carefully prepared budgets and lock in non-negotiable family time, and our communication has been a major tool for ensuring that we’ve managed the everyday stress effectively.

The Department was also really supportive in helping us get to Canberra, and being part of a graduate cohort has also eased that transition. I can’t speak more highly of the people I’ve met since arriving at PM&C. My graduate cohort are an exceptionally talented and passionate group of people, who have always made me feel part of the group.

My graduate experience is one that I look fondly on. PM&C has been incredibly supportive of my particular circumstances, and I’m thrilled to be working in an organisation which is full of so many bright and talented people. I would encourage anyone interested in gaining an accelerated understanding of the Australian Public Service, in an environment that is supportive and fast-paced, to apply for the PM&C Graduate Program.

- Shilo

More information about the program

For more information on the PM&C Graduate Program you can email us at or call us on 02 6271 6000.

More Information about PM&C


Who we are looking for

To be a PM&C graduate you have a genuine sense of curiosity – a desire to know and understand more about the people we serve and the challenges and opportunities for Australians in a changing world. You will be adaptable and resilient, and willing to embrace a range of opportunities. You will bring your 'whole self' to work.

We are looking for people from a variety of academic disciplines and people with diverse experiences and backgrounds including: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and/or Queer people; Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people; mature age and people with disability.

If you wonder what it is like to be a PM&C graduate, check out ‘a day in the life of a graduate’ to discover some of the interesting work you could be doing.

Profile photo of David

'What we’re interested in is people with good raw materials which we can work with, so people who are smart, inquisitive, can write well, those are the sort of deep skills that we can work with to turn people into first rate public policy analysts.'

- David

Willingness to be a ‘self-starter’

  • You are a motivated, high achiever who wants to make a difference to the future of our country and who has an understanding of Government, policy and the work of the Department.
  • You are innovative, creative and offer new ideas, approaches, insights or solutions.
  • You take initiative, are self-motivated, ambitious and driven.
  • You navigate your own journey and experiences.

Demonstrated strong communication and interpersonal skills

  • You write simply, clearly and concisely in a well-structured and logical way.
  • You speak with confidence and clarity, and adapt your communication style to suit different people or situations.
  • You can communicate opinions, information and evidence with influence to gain the agreement of others.
  • You are able to work and achieve outcomes both independently and as part of a team.
  • You contribute ideas and are willing to listen and to expand on the ideas of others.
  • You have strong relationship management skills and can quickly establish positive rapport with people at all levels in any organisation, and are able to build, maintain and use networks of contacts.

Demonstrated analytical ability

  • You understand the relationship between issues and how they might be part of a larger complex problem.
  • You can gather and analyse data from multiple sources of information, and probe for further information where required, allowing you to make rational and considered judgements and decisions.
  • You critically analyse information from multiple sources and can analyse what information is important, how it should be used and can make a decision based on your findings.
  • You approach problems creatively to find workable solutions.

Commitment and openness to professional learning and continuous development

  • You are able to quickly learn new technology, processes and information.
  • You actively seek out opportunities for personal, professional and organisational improvement.
  • You have a willingness and commitment to continue to develop cultural competency.
  • You are aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, and identify opportunities to develop and broaden your skills and knowledge.

Ability to be agile and resilient

  • You demonstrate resilience in the workplace.
  • You accept constructive criticism and feedback without becoming defensive or emotional.
  • In the face of obstacles, you persevere to achieve personal and professional goals and objectives.
  • You work productively in a high pressure environment and adapt and respond well to change and ambiguity, and make the most of the opportunities they present.
  • You know how to utilise your strengths to get through busy and difficult times in the workplace.
  • You are able to quickly process and understand new information.

Foster an inclusive and diverse workforce

  • You show respect and sensitivity towards cultural and religious differences.
  • You can communicate sensitively and effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • You demonstrate an understanding of the issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • You embrace and respect diversity, and diversity of thought.

More information

For more information on the PM&C Graduate Program you can email us at or call us on 02 6271 6000.


Application process

We know applying for a Graduate Program can seem like an overwhelming feat – especially when you’ve got exams, study, a social life and work. Our application process is simple.

To get started, we only need key information about you and an updated resume.

Applications for the 2021 Graduate Program have now closed.

If you are an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander graduate or an graduate with a disability, we invite you to apply through our affirmative measure process. Read more about this on our Diversity page


To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Have completed at least a three-year undergraduate bachelor degree obtaining a credit average within the last eight years. All degrees must be complete by 31 December 2020 and be recognised in Australia.
  • Be able to obtain and maintain an Australian Government security clearance to a minimum of Baseline level.
  • Be an Australian citizen by 30 June 2020. You will need to provide evidence to verify impending citizenship.

As all positions are located in Canberra, you must also be willing to relocate to participate in the program.

Assessment process

The application and assessment process of candidates applying for the 2021 Graduate Program will include the following:

  • Submission of an online application, including your resume with referees and academic transcript
  • Online cognitive ability testing
  • Online video interview
  • Assessment Centre

​Offers are made shortly after the Assessment Centre, with commencement in February 2021. If you are rated suitable but unfortunately do not receive an offer for the Graduate Program, you may be considered by areas of our Department to join their team directly as an APS 3 employee.

Profile photo of Tom Antoniazzi

Tips on applying for the Graduate Program.

We encourage applications from people with diverse experience and backgrounds including: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and/or Queer people; Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people; mature age and people with disability.

You can also join us through the following whole-of-government graduate programs:

More information

For more information on the PM&C Graduate Program you can email us at or call us on 02 6271 6000.


Diversity at PM&C

At PM&C, our diverse and inclusive culture supports people to reach their potential, feel valued and are able to be themselves at work. We actively build a workplace that promotes gender equality and harnesses the skills and experiences of people from all backgrounds.

We believe everyone has the right to feel valued, safe and included at work. Diversity is a proven strength of high-performing teams and organisations. The strength gained from a diverse team impacts our policy advice and solutions and helps create productive relationships.

We encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and/or queer people; those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, mature age people and those with disability.  

Diversity video cover screen

'There is really no one type of PM&C Grad, so don’t be discouraged if you think that you don’t fit the mould. We all come from diverse range of economic, social and cultural backgrounds.'

- Geerththana Narendren, 2018 Graduate


PM&C's commitment to inclusion and diversity reflects the importance we place on our people and creating a workplace culture where every individual is valued and respected.

PM&C aims to improve the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees at all levels of our workforce and foster a culturally safe workplace. To achieve this we have developed the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy Implementation Plan.

Our focus is to achieve results across five key areas:

  1. Amplify the range of employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  2. Capitalise on the potential of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees.
  3. Grow the representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees in senior roles.
  4. Enable a high level of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural competency in the workplace.
  5. Position PM&C as a thought leader and champion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment.

If you are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander graduate thinking about applying for our Graduate Program and apply through our Affirmative Measure process, you will be invited to visit our National Offices in Canberra to get a good feel of our workplace, people and city. 

You will have the opportunity to meet with our Indigenous leaders, members of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employee Network and the local Ngunnawal community. This first-hand experience will support you to determine in PM&C is the right journey for you.

Profile photo of Sapphire

Growing up, I was always encouraged to challenge myself. Whether in school, university, at home or in the workplace, I’ve always tried to take opportunities to step outside my comfort zone, and gain new experiences. It was this commitment and curiosity for the challenge of something new which motivated me to apply for PM&C’s Graduate Program, and one year in it’s safe to say that I’m glad I took the plunge.

Read Sapphire's full story

I was the first person in my family to complete year 12 and to graduate from university. Because I didn’t have the ATAR score, I completed the University of Newcastle’s Yapug bridging course for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people before being accepted into university. I then completed a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor Laws/Diploma of Legal Practice at the University of Newcastle.

In that time, I welcomed my first child, Patrick, who is now 6 years old. After meeting my partner I became a step-mother to a now ten year old girl, Lacie, before having my second child Amari, who is currently 18-months old.

During my time at university, I enjoyed a variety of experiences. I worked at a not-for-profit, and interned at Qantas in their Qantas Loyalty Division. I also spent time working at Legal Aid and at the University of Newcastle’s Legal centre, and did my final placement for my Practical Legal Training at the Australian Taxation Office.

My mob are the Yuin (Aboriginal) and Ngāpuhi (Māori) people. I spent most of my childhood in Cessnock, NSW. My Indigenous heritage is an important part of my identity, and it’s guided the course I’ve taken in work, life and study. I remain connected with my mob despite not living on country, and I’m committed to a career which will enable me to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

That being said, my Indigenous heritage hasn’t always made life easy. I’ve faced racism in the classroom and workplace, and have struggled with the feeling of not having my opinion valued. Some have questioned my merit and remarked that I am a diversity hire – I’m proud of who I am and where I’ve come from, and feel lucky to have such strong connections with my community.

The breadth of experiences that the Graduate Program offers really is incredible, and it’s helping me to develop into the well-rounded public servant that I want to be.

You won’t know if you’ll like something unless you give it a go. For me, giving the PM&C Graduate Program a go has been fantastic – getting to work with bright people on policies which influence the lives of so many Australians isn’t something that everyone gets to do every day.

- Sapphire


Our focus on being a disability confident workplace is about ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for people with both physical and mental conditions. PM&C has an active Disability Employee Network and is supported by the PM&C Disability Executive Champion. PM&C is also a Gold Member of the Australian Network on Disability.

If you are a graduate with a disability, we invite you to apply for our Graduate Program through our Affirmative Measures Disability process. Our assessment process will be tailored to meet any of your reasonable adjustments. We encourage you to understand how we can help you by reading our information sheet on reasonable adjustments, and contact us to discuss our process further.

RecruitAbility Scheme

All our roles are advertised under the RecruitAbility scheme. The RecruitAbility Scheme provides candidates with disability who opt into the scheme and meet the minimum requirements of an advertised role, the opportunity to be advanced to a further stage in the selection process (this is usually through to the interview stage).

As a major initiative of the As One – Australian Public Service Disability Employment Strategy developed by the APSC, RecruitAbility is a scheme which aims to attract and develop applicants with an identified disability and also facilitate cultural changes in selection panels and agency recruitment

Working your Way

PM&C is committed to understanding the needs of staff who have disabilities. The fit-out design in our offices for Working Your Way spaces is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act and has also applied the higher level NDIS design guidelines.  

The Disability Employee Network and disability design experts were engaged to ensure the latest accessibility considerations were included in the design. Each staff member with a known disability is engaged pre and post move to ensure their needs are met. Typically this is in consultation with a physiotherapist/ergonomist.

If you are a graduate with a disability, we invite you to apply for our Graduate Program through our Affirmative Measures Disability process. Our assessment process will be tailored to meet any of your reasonable adjustments. We encourage you to contact us to discuss our process further.

Employee diversity networks

PM&C is proud to be a member of the Diversity Council of Australia, the Australian Network on Disability, and Pride in Diversity. The Department has a range of networks that employees can get involved in:

  • Ability Employee Network
  • Pride Network
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Employee Network
  • Mara Network
  • Women's Network
  • Wellbeing Network
Profile photo of Margaret

'I am lucky to be in a workplace that celebrates the differences in its staff whilst also supporting the broader community'

- Bernadette

Ability Network

The Ability Employee Network celebrates diversity and aims to support and empower employees with disability to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

The Network promotes a workplace focused on inclusion and equal opportunity, providing members with a platform to break down barriers for staff with disability through innovative and transformative ideas.

It is also a channel through which PM&C can seek guidance on activities and workplace matters which impact on staff with disability.

Pride Network

PM&C has an active Pride Employee Network, supported by an LGBTIQ+ Executive Champion, which strives for a more inclusive and diverse workforce, internally and across the public service, where staff feel safe and can be themselves at work, specifically by promoting equality in the workplace, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.

In March 2018, the Department launched its Gender Affirmation and Transition Policy. The intent of this policy is to ensure that staff who transition while working at PM&C are supported by clear guidance about how the Department can assist them. 

PM&C has also met the Australian Government Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender. The purpose of these guidelines is to introduce new protections and practices from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status. Our HR information systems have been updated to capture gender ‘X’ upon commencement.

The Department is a member of Pride In Diversity which is the national not-for-profit employer support program for LGBTI workplace inclusion specialising in HR, organisational change and workplace diversity. This membership includes participation in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI), Australia’s national benchmarking instrument for LGBTI workplace inclusion. PM&C's 2019 achievement of Gold Employer status, shared with the National Indigenous Australians Agency, places the Department in the higher ranks of inclusive employers in Australia.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Network

PM&C's Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Employee Network focuses on issues that impact staff from CALD backgrounds so that the Department can take advantage of hte talent and experiences of our diverse population.

Throughout 2019 the Council discussed research intiatives to boost understanding of barriers that limit the progression of people from CALD backgrounds to senior leadership positions, learning and development opportunities and public events to raise awareness of the barriers to progression for people from CALD backgrounds. Involvement in this forum supports efforts to develop and maintain the Australian Public Service as an organisation which is representative of the broader Australian population.

MARA Employee Network

The Mara Network is a two-way forum for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees in PM&C to support one another and realise their full potential.

Supported by an Indigenous Executive Champion, the Network encourages the Department to commit to meaningful consultation with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, peoples. .groups, and to seek out the wealth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural knowledge, authority and the lived experiences internal and external to the APS.

Women’s Network

PM&C has an active Women’s Employee Network and is supported by a Gender Executive Champion. The Women's Network champions equal opportunity on behalf of its members and is an inclusive, volunteer-based organisation built by members, for members.

The Women's Employee Network promotes gender equality and supports members to succeed in their personal and professional lives. The network priorities are founded on driving cultural change and encouraging men to drive this cultural change, particularly in areas where men can make a significant contribution. The network promotes women's career success by facilitating opportunities for learning, networking and career mobility and encouraging flexible approaches to work.- Bernadette

Wellbeing Network

The Wellbeing Network advocates on behalf of PM&C employees on mental health and wellbeing matters. The Network is supported by a Wellbeing Executive Champion who actively promotes healthy work practices, such as flexible work arrangements, and leads by example.

Positive mental health is essential to a persons wellbeing and PM&C is committed to providing a mentally healthy workplace. The Wellbeing Network is working to raise awareness of inclusive and healthy workplaces and address the stigma associated with mental health matters. At PM&C staff should feel as comfortable discussing a mental health condition as a physical condition.  

The Department is dedicated to ensuring all PM&C staff have the support they need to balance work and any mental health challenge they may face.

Profile photo of Margaret

'PM&C has an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employee Network. We make it our business to go and introduce ourselves to the new people who start here and find out what community they are from.'

- Margaret

Program details

The Graduate Program (Program) is a 12-month Program based in Canberra founded on flexibility and empowerment. Like University, you are provided the agency to navigate your own journey and experiences.

While our Program sets a structure for rotations, graduates will be able to:

  • Choose from our Coporate and Generalist Stream
  • Determine areas of rotation using our "Choose Your Own Adventure' platform which provides Graduates with freedom and flexibility to choose areas that better align wtih capabilities and interests.
  • Develop skills and tools, such as networking and relationship management, to secure new rotations

'It’s been really fantastic being able to shape my own experience in the department and choose my own adventure'

- Patrick Howe, 2018 Graduate

Corporate and Government Stream

PM&C is a modern, collaborative and responsive organisation that drives excellence across the Australian Public Service (APS), delivering quality outcomes for the Government and Australian public.

Our staff and the government need practical tools, service and support to excel. From building a future-ready workforce by developing our staff, supporting an activity-based working ecosystem, coordinating Cabinet meetings, enabling an agile digital environment, organising international visits, and building an enduring security culture.

This is all supported by the Department’s enabling functions, and are critical to the Department and government's operation. Corporate and Government areas cut across legal policy, parliamentary, cabinet and ministerial support, protocols and international visits, human resource management, communications and media, ICT and financial management.

We are looking for individuals who like being a part of the big picture and are committed to their following their field of study from the lecture hall and into the workplace. If you like using your skillset and technical expertise to achieve outcomes and drive high quality services, you will be drawn to the Corporate and Government Stream.

'It was incredibly gratifying to be placed in a small team that coordinated the 2019-2020 budget, and to see a process I worked on get tabled in Parliament and receive a lot of media coverage.'

- Steven

Generalist Stream

In becoming a knowledge organisation, we encourage staff to actively seek out opportunities that champion emotional intelligence, relationships, creativity and critical thinking.

We value the curiosity of our staff, those who are growth focused and intent on sharing and leveraging information, resources, talent and experiences. To strengthen PM&C as a modern, responsive and fit-for-purpose organisation, we need to celebrate successes and always be open to learning.

The Generalist Stream is for the curious mind, those who do not have the end goal in sight, but who seek to be inspired on their journey of discovery. You will be drawn to the Generalist stream if you have an open mind and are interested in discovering where you can best leverage your strengths. You seek to learn and understand the Department and are humble yet tactical in your pursuit. You want to work at PM&C because you believe that there is no greater vocation than the APS.

Living Here

Living in Canberra

There's a reason Canberra has been named as Lonely Planet's third best city in the world to visit – it's an incredible place with plenty to offer. Its natural surroundings, outdoor lifestyle and supportive community offers the perfect work/life balance that's often talked about but difficult to achieve. It's the city that has something to offer everyone – for the family, for foodies and for those who appreciate the arts.

Cover screen - living in Canberra

'it’s been really wonderful moving to Canberra to find it has everything a big city has without the traffic. Canberra has such a fantastic balance of work and life.'

- Caitlin Gauci, 2018 Graduate
Photo of art gallery

Arts, culture and music

Canberra is a place that tells the story of country through its rich history of performing arts and cultural events. With a long list of annual celebrations that include the National Multicultural Festival (a feast for the senses), Enlighten Festival, NAIDOC Week, National Folk Festival, and Canberra Balloon Spectacular; this vibrant calendar brings joy to locals and visitors alike. Home to the National Portrait Gallery, National Art Gallery, and the National Museum of Australia; Canberra brings the past to life and helps us understand who we are as a nation.

Photo of Canberra food festival

Food and drink

With a truly eclectic mix of dining styles, Canberra is a foodies paradise. Whether you’re after family-friendly restaurants, sweet delights, cosy local cafes, exceptional coffee or fine dining, it’s all here - award winning bars and restaurants, handcrafted beers, hidden gems within the suburbs, and plentiful vineyards to visit. A special mention goes to the Canberra Food and Wine Expo, Canberra District Wine Week, Truffle Festival, Oktoberfest, and the Farmers Markets!

Photo of Lake Burley Griffin and canoes

Sports and recreation

Canberra prides itself on being the healthiest place in Australia, supporting healthy decision making through a number of initiatives and recreational neighbourhoods. With Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, Gibraltar Falls, and Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports, there really is something for everyone; whether it be bike trials, hiking routes or options for the lake. And lets not forget that Canberra is home to a variety of sporting teams including the Brumbies Rugby Union team, Canberra Capitals Women's Basketball, NRL Canberra Raiders, GWS Giants, CBR Brave, and the W League Soccer Canberra United.

Photo of local vinyard

Canberra and surrounds

Canberra provides you with the best of both worlds, with pristine beaches and snow-capped mountains only two hours either side of each other. And there's a good reason Canberra is known as the bush capital. Over half of the ACT is preserved as national parks and nature reserves. Braidwood, Namadgi National Park, Yass Valley, Hilltops region, Bungendore, and Southern Highlands set the perfect backdrop to the rural countryside offering, with Murrumbateman being home to some of the best vineyards in the Canberra region. So be sure to see and taste what the region has to offer.

Find out more - explore Canberra