Social Return on Investment Report

Social Return on Investment Report

Indigenous Affairs Evaluations
Thursday, 15 March 2018

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Young Aboriginal woman sits in sound studio surrounded by electronic equipment. A microphone is in front of her and papers on the desk. She wears a white top and colourful dress of Indigenous design.

In May 2017, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet announced funding of up to $63.3 million over three years to 2020 for Indigenous Broadcasting Services (IBS) in remote, regional and urban Australia.

In keeping with the Commonwealth Government’s responsibility for Indigenous program funding integrity, in March 2017 the Department commissioned Social Venture Australia (SVA) to conduct a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis of IBS.


The SROI examined the cultural, social and economic impact of funding as well as gauging the value of IBS to the communities they serve, beyond their role as broadcasters. Specifically, the SROI was designed to:

  • assist the Commonwealth in working with Indigenous broadcasting organisations to support them in developing the services they offer and in delivering those services more sustainably
  • help ensure IAS programs are delivering for local communities, and provide confidence the Commonwealth’s investment is well targeted, and
  • provide Indigenous broadcasters with evidence of their benefit and services beyond broadcasting.


The SROI analysis was positive about the Indigenous broadcasting sector and found:

  • The average return on investment across the three broadcasters examined in-depth was $2.87 of social, cultural and economic value for every dollar invested.
  • IBS provide much more than radio – they are community assets that contribute to strengthening culture, community development and the local economy.
  • IBS deliver value to a range of stakeholders who directly benefit from the work of the organisations, including the listeners, community members, employees, volunteers and musicians.
  • IBS are contributing towards a range of Government priorities through employment, support for education and wellbeing outcomes.


The report finds that IBS are valued community assets which provide a source of local employment and support education and social wellbeing in their local communities.

For the full SROI report, please visit More than radio – a community asset: Social Return on Investment analyses of Indigenous Broadcasting Services.