Funding under the IAS

In the 2015-16 Budget, the Australian Government allocated $4.9 billion to the IAS, over four years to 2018-19, for grant funding processes and administered procurement activities that address the objectives of the IAS.

Through the IAS, the Australian Government is working to improve the way that the Government does business with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to ensure funding actually achieves outcomes.

The Department took account of feedback from stakeholders as part of the recent IAS Grant Guidelines revision process. Further information about consultation and stakeholder feedback is available on the Outcomes of IAS Public Forums page.

Revised IAS Grant Guidelines

The revised IAS Grant Guidelines include a number of changes that will:

  • Make it simpler for applicants to apply for funding under the IAS.
  • Support the development of stronger relationships between local Indigenous people, communities, service providers and local PM&C Regional Network offices.
  • Provide clearer information on IAS programmes, application processes and improved assessment criteria.
  • Simplify the application process through the introduction of the new online application form.

The revised IAS Grant Guidelines provide a clear role for the PM&C Regional Network in working in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities and other stakeholders to develop and implement tailored and innovative local solutions.

The IAS Grant Guidelines, as with any guidelines, are not static. The Department will continue to review and improve the Guidelines to ensure stakeholders have the best information available.

As part of the Department's regular business, we are talking with providers and communities, through our regional network, to ensure a successful implementation of the revised IAS Grant Guidelines.

A fact sheet on the revised IAS Grant Guidelines is available:

Further information about the revised IAS Grant Guidelines is provided in Commonly Asked Questions.

Applying for IAS funding

Under the revised IAS Grant Guidelines the Department will continue to provide a range of opportunities for organisations to access grant funding. There are three ways that proposals can be considered for grant funding:

  • The Department invites applications.
  • The Department directly approaches an organisation.
  • The Department responds to community led proposals.

Department invites applications

From time to time the Department will invite applications for proposals that address specific outcomes on a national, regional or local basis. This will often occur through an open or targeted grant funding round.

Detailed information about each grant funding activity will generally be provided in an Application Kit.

Current IAS funding activities

It is recommended that applicants save a copy of the Application Form to their computer - DOCX 60KB | PDF 106KB. If you experience difficulties opening or submitting the Application Form, please refer to the Electronic PDF Form Troubleshooting guide - DOCX 429KB | PDF 231KB.

Department approaches organisation (direct source)

In some cases, the Department may directly approach an organisation to negotiate delivery of an activity or service to address a specific unmet need. Existing grant recipients may be approached to expand their current service delivery or new providers may be approached by the Department. 

Completing the IAS Performance Report

Organisations funded under the IAS are required to report on the performance of each Project for which they receive IAS funding. Organisations are asked to report on progress against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as specified in the Project Schedule under their Head Agreement.

The Department will email providers notifying them of their reporting obligations and attach an IAS Performance Report Smart Form for each project.

The IAS KPI Handbook provides an overview and general instructions on how to complete the Performance Report.

Organisations completing their IAS Performance Reports should note the following:

  • Organisations will need Adobe Reader version 8.1 or later in order to submit the Performance Report form electronically. Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free from Adobe Australia.
  • Certain fields in the Performance Report will be automatically pre-populated. This data has been sourced from the Department’s grant system and cannot be changed in the Performance Report.
  • The Performance Report also contains tips (hover cursor over text) on each question to indicate whether the question is mandatory, has any size limits and what type of information is required.

If organisations have any questions regarding the Performance Report form, they should call the contact officer for their project on 1800 079 098, quoting the Review ID (located on the front page of your IAS Performance Report form).

If your organisation experiences any difficulties submitting the Performance Report electronically or does not receive confirmation that the Department has received their report, they should email the completed form to

If organisations experience any difficulties using Adobe Reader, please refer to the Electronic PDF Form Troubleshooting Guide - DOCX 429 KB.

2014 IAS funding round results

A list of organisations recommended for funding under the 2014 IAS grant round is available.

IAS Funding Agreement

Under the IAS, funding recipients sign a single Head Agreement with the Commonwealth, as represented by the Department of the Prime Minster and Cabinet (PM&C). The Head Agreement sets out the general terms and conditions applying to all projects and grants.

More information

More information can be found by reading the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) - Commonly asked questions.

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