How data can help unlock insights in our national economy

How data can help unlock insights in our national economy

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Friday, 15 December 2017

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Image of Mark Cully

Through the use of innovative and secure data integration, the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS) can link business datasets using Australian Business Numbers to help unlock insights into what drives the Australian economy, to help guide service delivery and plan and manage infrastructure.

In the latest Data Tech Talk, Mark Cully, Chief Economist at DIIS spoke with Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation Angus Taylor MP about how linking datasets can bring novel insights on the operation of businesses in the Australian economy.

Data from DIIS projects like BLADE, the Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment, is already being used to analyse the key drivers of the economy in the 2017 Australian Innovation System Report. The theme of this year’s report is high growth firms and the new insights gathered into what they are, how many there are and how they impact the Australian economy are a testament to what can be done with integrated data. 


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