‘Australia needs us’ – pursuing excellence in the Indigenous Business Sector

‘Australia needs us’ – pursuing excellence in the Indigenous Business Sector

Indigenous Affairs Economic Development Indigenous Business Sector Strategy
Friday, 07 September 2018

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Picture of Gillian Mailman smiling, standing in front of a group of people talking.

Whether training to be the first female Aboriginal electrician, or establishing a new company, Gillian Mailman has always been an innovator. With decades of experience in telecommunications, ICT and mining industries, Gill now dedicates much of her time to mentoring emerging Indigenous business leaders looking to build successful businesses. 

For Gill, excellence is a vital element of any business and a key component of her advice to mentees. ‘We’ve got to be the best. I don’t want anyone looking at us and saying “Oh, Indigenous business…’ 

Gill also highlights the Indigenous cultural knowledge that sets many Indigenous-owned and operated businesses apart. ‘Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA and what we give to Australia is a different way of thinking. We are different and that’s the beauty,’ says Gill.

Service excellence and the perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners combine to create the unique value proposition of the Indigenous Business Sector. With passionate advocates like Gill, the future of Indigenous business looks bright.

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