Error on the PM&C website

Error on the PM&C website

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

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On 31 August 2017 the Department became aware of an error on the Indigenous Advancement Strategy Grant Reporting page of our website.

Due to an administrative error, a grant for the National Australia Day Council (NADC) was listed as an Indigenous Advancement Strategy grant.

The NADC is a not-for-profit government owned company.  The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet provides grant funding to the NADC to support its activities, including the coordination of the celebration of Australia Day nationally and for the Australian of the Year Awards. The NADC also raises revenue through sponsorship and in-kind assistance.

This funding is unrelated to the Indigenous Affairs Group within the Department and should not have appeared on the IAS grants webpage.  The error was rectified as soon as it was discovered.