New Data Management Guide for the APS - Foundational Four

New Data Management Guide for the APS - Foundational Four

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Thursday, 02 July 2020

Office of the National Data Commissioner

The Foundational Four – Leadership, Strategy, Governance and Asset Discovery

The Office of the National Data Commissioner (ONDC) has released guidance to the Australian Public Service (APS) and other organisations on how to improve their data management and get the most out of the data they hold.

The Foundational Four sets out simple and useful steps for working with data more productively. Each of the four foundational elements have an important role in improving data capability to meet the government’s policy and service delivery ambitions.

The first element, leadership, is to appoint a senior leader who is responsible and accountable for data. The second is to develop a data strategy to meet an agency’s broader business objectives and priorities. The third element ensures agencies have appropriate governance mechanisms to oversee data management. The fourth element, asset discovery, involves identifying and recording all data assets to reduce duplication, promote data reuse and minimise data loss.

The ONDC was established in July 2018 to develop legislation for safer and easier sharing of government data and to advocate improved data capability across the APS.

To find out how your agency can improve its data capability and unlock the potential of government data, visit the ONDC’s website: