Extended text descriptions - Guidance for Policymakers

Extended text description of Figure 1 - The Australian Government RIS process -The 7 Regulation Impact Statement  Questions

The following Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) questions should be the starting point of your policy journey.

1. What is the policy problem you are trying to solve?

Clearly identiy and define the poblem you are trying to solve.

2. Why is government action needed?

Clearly identiy why there is a legitimte reason for government to intervene.

3. What policy options are are you considering?

Identiy a range of genuine and viable alternatie policy options

4. What is the likely net benefit of each option?

Identiy who is likely to be afected by each regulatory option and assess theeconomic, social and environmental costs and benefits.

5. Who will you consult and how will you consult them?

Explain the purpose and objecties of consultation.

6. What is the best option from those you have considered?

Indicate which of the identified options you are leaning towards.

7. How will you implement and evaluate your chosen option?

Discuss what success looks like and how your implementation plan will achieve this.