REPORT: Effective use of SMS: improving government confirmation processes

Domestic PolicyBehavioural EconomicsBETA registered trials
Tuesday, 12 December 2017
Publication author(s):
Professor Michael J. Hiscox, Scott Copley, Jacqui Brewer, Andrei Turenko, and James Wilson.
Publication abstract:

BETA partnered with the Australian Government Department of Human Services to simplify the process parents undertake when updating their details with the Child Support Scheme.

Sending a confirmation SMS to parents made a big difference. We found this not only reduced the number of parents who called, but if they did call, they would do so later.

The outcomes of this trial show how a small change in a traditional application process could have a substantial impact on the overall experience for all parties involved. This finding could be applied across a range of Human Services’ or other government programs where people are waiting for a response or an update. 

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